• Non-Toxic Ingredients

    Our company evolved out of a desire to reduce exposure to toxins by making our own skincare recipes where we could hand select every ingredient. All of our products are free of parabens, phthalates, and synthetic dyes and fragrances. Since many preservatives have toxicity concerns, we have carefully researched and chosen ones that are certified for use in natural and organic products and we feel they are the safest and most effective options.

  • Made in Canada

    We are located in Ontario, Canada and we handcraft all products ourselves in small batches. When you purchase from us you are supporting our small business and many other Canadian businesses that we partner with along the way to develop our products. If you are a Canadian retailer or business owner and are interested in teaming up, please contact us to discuss wholesale pricing.

  • High Quality & Value

    We choose high quality ingredients that offer good performance, stability and longevity. Many skincare products are made up largely of inexpensive oils and filler ingredients and the prices are highly inflated. By contrast, our products are concentrated and long lasting. Even though we use many costly essential oils, specialty oils and extracts, we keep our prices affordable.